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Name:Major Ivan Raikov
Canon: Metal Gear Solid 3
Age: 26
Name: (Major) Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov
Appearance: Feminine, fair-haired and fair-skinned male
Brief Personality: Ivan's a selfish, greedy, power hungry young man. He's violent, sadistic, and manipulative. He's also very, very canonically interested in men and can be (if he feels comfortable) flirtatious. He rarely thinks about others, and when he seems something he wants he rarely thinks his actions through about trying to get it. This leads him to making such stupid mistakes as eating rotten meat or simply overeating himself sick.
Brief Backstory: Ivan grew up in Soviet Russia, so he had to hide his sexuality. He grew up thinking being gay was wrong, and had to roughly come to terms with the truth about his own sexuality later in life. This lead to a lot of the bitterness and aggressiveness in his own actions.

Check out the personality/backstory sections of this app. for a really in depth description about him!

Contact: Frequency 147.56

Supplies (Haven):
‣ Ithaca-37 shotgun + ammo
‣ Makarov handgun + ammo
‣ Ballistic knife + a few spare blades
‣ Messenger bag with supplies (first aid, water bottles, food)

Status (via MPO):
Handgun: B
Sub-machine-gun: B
Assault rifle: A
Shotgun: S
Sniper Rifle: A
Heavy Weapons: B
Knife/CQC: A
Throwing weapons: A
Traps: B
Technical Skill: C
Medical Skill: C
Sense: 30 (average: 45)
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